Monday, September 19, 2016

College week

This week is college week at my son's school and as room mom, I had to come up with a theme for his teachers door and decorate it. I love being room mom and so far, I have loved being a part of the PTA. I'm enjoying being up at my kids school and being involved. But I also have a lot of other things going on. So I needed to come up with something simple, easy and quick so that when it was time to decorate, we could get in and get out quickly. Both of my kids are playing soccer, so we get very few nights off. We weren't allowed to decorate while school was in session, so I had to go in after hours with both kids. So, getting it done quickly, means getting home and spending one of our rare free nights doing something together. Isn't that what we all want? Time together, and an easy stress free life!

For my theme, I did a Dr. Seuss college collage. I took quotes from "Oh the Places You Will Go" and drew and colored the mountain and little guy from the front of the book. I actually enjoy drawing quite a bit. In another life, I would have been an animator, but here I am, in this life, cutting, drawing, coloring, gluing projects for my kids schools. :)

Here is my little Dr. Seuss man standing on his mountain!

Next was getting all the college logos together. I didn't want to just print them. I wanted some depth to them and color. So, I printed the logos, and cut and traced and cut again, and kept going until the logos were complete. I had construction paper that I used that had all colors!! It took awhile, but it was fun! (And yes, I am from the south, so it's hard to think of any schools outside of Texas. But I tried!)

Once all the cutting was done, all I had to do was tape it to the paper for the door and write my quotes out. Getting the paper to fit the door was harder than anything else. Cutting out the window and a spot for the handle, was by far the most complicated part of this project. Here's the final: "Oh the places you will go!", "Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!!"

You could certainly cut out letters, but I wasn't sure how much space I would have, and since my handwriting isn't terrible, I decided to just write it out. 
So if you have a project for school someday
No worries, let this help you on your way
No need to fear, it was quite easy
There's no need to get a bit queasy

I couldn't help myself. There's my Dr. Seuss for you. I hope everyone has a wonderful school year whether you are room mom, volunteer, on the PTA, etc. Until next time...