Monday, August 20, 2012

thinking ahead

Call me crazy, but I am in super organizing, declutter, plan ahead mode. Ever since August hit, the due date seems all of the sudden super close! I entered into my third trimester today and I am kind of excited and kind of getting nervous all over again just the same.

I have one kid, remember, but the thought of this one coming freaks me out just the same. It was about 6 weeks out with my son that I started thinking, "How is he supposed to come out?" Maybe this is just me, but I knew his approximate weight, I know my weight (FYI: I am pretty petite) and I know how big things are down there. Put it all together and things don't add up. Then the big day comes and what is truly a miracle is a miracle because your body just seems to adapt. Ah-mazing to say the least.

Anyway, I am still getting a little nervous again regardless of my experience. I am also a little anxious about nesting. I am in major nesting mode, hence the organizing and decluttering. I have given so much stuff to Goodwill this year, its ridiculous. Also keep in mind that my husband and I went from a 2800 sq. ft 4 bedroom house with just us two to a 2100 sq. ft 3 bedroom house with a little one. All that stuff that we had plenty of room for in 4 rooms has now got to fit in two...the office and our bedroom. The extra two rooms are now in use. So far I have redone our laundry room, our pantry, our bathroom, our closet and our sons room. He is asleep right now, otherwise, I would get pictures of it.

The laundry room, I simply cleaned up, bought some baskets and a couple shelves and threw out a bunch of not needed things.

In the pantry, I got more baskets and categorized items. In our bathroom cabinets, I cleaned out everything, threw everything away that was expired or not going to be used and re-organized in there. Then in our closets, I cleaned out extra hangers (my husband has his court clothes dry cleaned so we end up with thousands of hangers!) and gave away a bunch of pairs of shoes and clothes. We are also having a builder come in and re-do our closets to give us an extra rod each and make things more efficient in there.

Today, we had the nursery painted. They are coming back to do the design tomorrow. Pictures will come soon. I also ordered the baby bedding but part of it is back ordered until Sept 30. I am not due until November, but for some reason this is terrible news to me. LOL! I keep thinking what if it doesn't come in on time? But realistically, the baby will be in our room in a side sling bed for the first few weeks anyway and its not like the bumper is a huge deal to a 6 week old, but hormones are telling me this is a big deal. :)

We did hire a doula this time too. She is amazing and so sweet. I meet with her next week to start wrapping my mind around this birth. I am going to TRY to have her all natural! No meds. Let me just state that I had an epidural with my first and I am not a fan of pain, so I am not promising anything, but I do want to try. I am so small that when I had the epidural with my first, they put it in too high and I felt everything anyway pretty much until 10 minutes before he was born. They had to give me a second one, which did kick in right in time for me to push twice and he was out. I was so drugged for so long after that since it was basically like getting an epidural and then being sent to a private room. I was dizzy and even fainted. Birth story to come in the next blog! It is kind of comical.

So for all the people out there who do not know me, let me introduce you to my crazy. Some may think, "hey, thats practical!" and some may say "she is flat out nuts!", either way, you are probably right. I have started Christmas shopping. Yes, you read that right. I am doing good too. I am making a bunch of gifts simply because pinterest has taken over my normal self and because I have no where to go when my kid is in bed at night and my husband works late. I already have a lot of gifts bought. Next step, after I make and buy everything, is to wrap them and have them ready to go by October! Hey! Does anyone want to shop with a one month old and a 21 month old? Not me. And frankly, I don't want that burden when my body is trying to heal and I am trying to get on a schedule thats best for my babies. Remember my previous blog? Schedule, schedule, schedule and work around my kids moods. I don't want to NEED to Christmas shop and then can't because of a kid configuring problem.

I also plan on making a bunch of freezer crock pot meals and stocking up at least 2 months worth so that I don't have to worry about dinner with 2 kids under the age of 2. Unfortunately, right now we are on a "mission to clean out the freezer". I say unfortunately because I am getting pretty creative on meals for us that include something from the freezer that isn't fine dining, but it feeds us. :) So in theory, I hope to have two months worth of meals prepared starting in October, have all Christmas presents made, bought and wrapped by October and have the nursery complete by middle of October!

I have a lot to do, but I am excited about all of it. Tales from what its like working with a doula who is going to mentally prepare me for an all natural childbirth to come. Progress on all my planning ahead will certainly continue to be a topic. Pictures of the nursery and the big boy room to come and a birth story for everyone's pleasure will be next. So stay tuned...

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