Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lego Birthday Party

My little boy turned 2 on Valentines day. Its amazing to see how fast he's growing and how he is learning new things daily. For his 2nd birthday party we decided to do a lego theme. He loves his legos, so what better way to celebrate! My sister in law is an amazing baker and can do some amazing things. She made our wedding cake, which was fabulous and she has pretty much done a cake for every event we have had since. 

This was our wedding cake. Each layer was a different flavor and I had each layer twisted so it wasn't symmetrical. I like to do things a little different. 

Anyway, she also does cake balls and let me tell you, I have had some cake balls from bakers all over, and hers are still the best. She is a stay at home mom with my adorable niece and bakes on the side. She has done so well, a few years ago she made it into a full on business that she does from home still. She is fantastic. Her website is at the bottom of this blog for anyone interested. So here are the pics from the party.

We had her do a lego cake that looked like legos on the inside with lego molds on the outside of the cake. She also made a little lego man to go on top. So cute!! We decorated the table with his lego animals. And I got blue and red plates for the table and yellow napkins. Over all, the party was a hit.

Perfectly cute little lego man!

She made these cute lego cake pops for the favors for the little kids. And I got vases and put some of my son's mega blocks in them. You can see some of the lego cookies in the back.

Happy birthday baby!!

His lips were blue from the cookies that I made. He kept eating the little m & m's off them and leaving the cookie part. Silly kiddo.

He helped me sort out the green, blue and yellow mini m & m's for the cookies. He was such a big helper. He ate all the other colors first, then sorted the one's I needed. :) I got a small rectangle cookie cutter for the cookies, iced them and put the mini m & m's on them. My lego cookies were a success. Not perfect, but still good!

Happy birthday, dude! You are the sweetest, most handsome little guy and we couldn't be more proud of you!!

For anyone interested in using my sister in law for cakes, her website is Like I said she does awesome work. If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, check her out. I know she has shipped her cake balls before but I am not sure if she still does that, for those of you who are out of town.

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