Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter came, now go away...

I haven't written in awhile because we have been very busy. How I managed to have time on Valentines night to write is a fluke. My oldest kid is currently passed out on our bed asleep since he isn't feeling well and didn't nap, my daughter is in bed early because she isn't feeling well and I sent my husband off to get a massage as a Valentines day present. So here I am, with a somewhat clean house, and time to write.

Winter is coming was the theme of last year if you are a Game of Thrones fan. (I am not a super fan, but my husband likes the show and since I subject him to celebrity wife swap and cooking shows, I owe him some boy tv time too.) And winter came…with a vengeance! My daughter got croup on halloween night and if you read my previous posts, theres a story in there somewhere. I think since she got a cold that week, someone in this house has been sick every other week since then! We somehow cannot kick this bug. Someone wakes up with a runny nose or sore throat almost so consistently that its normal these days. The down side is, it is wearing me out!

Not in the sense where I am sick too…but my kids need me a lot more when they are sick and that can wear you down after awhile. Don't get me wrong, I love the snuggles and the cuddles and the kisses (which is helping spread this germ), and I am thankful that I have two beautiful kids that WANT to still cuddle with me. I know someday that won't be the case and so I count my blessings as they come. But there are times, that both kids need my lap. And I have a small lap. I am a string bean and petite thing, so I don't have much room and I am boney…so I don't think I am that comfortable. If one is in my lap, the other cries, if the other is in my lap, the other cries and so goes our days this winter. We get spurts of energy and go play and 30 min later we are down for the count. I have done a lot of sitting lately that involved rocking, patting backs, comforting, singing and everything else. I have wiped more noses than I can count. I have gone through more kleenix boxes than I can count and I can honestly say, cold bug….I AM DONE!

Please go away and let my family be healthy. There is no amount of lysol in this house that can rid our family. We have gone through an entire family size bottle of anti bacterial, an entire can of lysol, and like 3 things of soap in the last 2 months! And we are still getting sick! My poor daughter had croup on her birthday! And now my poor son has a cold and his party is tomorrow.

So, this mommy is tired. The cold fronts have kept us all in doors and way too close. And I am ready for my children to be healthy and to go and play outside and have fun and not feel like they are stuck inside and sick all the time. I am ready to be able to take walks and go to the park (which the last couple days we have been doing some), we're just not quite well enough to enjoy it fully. I am not complaining as much as I am just letting out my frustrations about the cold season. I love winter. Its my favorite season. Normally, I love staying in by the fire and watching movies or reading a good book, but this one has just been brutal.

I hope everyone is staying well and soon we will all be well too. And soon the weather will change and it will be warm and we can go on with our lives as normal, healthy people! I wish everyone a happy Valentines day and as soon as my husband gets home, we will celebrate too!

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