Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Love

I know it has been awhile since I last blogged, but after O's birthday, it seemed we had something every weekend through the new year. We had a wonderful end of 2015! We had a fun Thanksgiving with family, we hosted a beautiful Thanksgiving at our house with more family, saw Santa Clause, had fun class parties and then the kids were off for the holidays!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are probably my favorite holidays. And even though they are sometimes crazy, long and a lot of here and there, I still look forward to them every year. This year I had fun making things for other people and picking out gifts we knew would be perfect.

For starters, Happy Thanksgiving:

The kids had school parties and programs! We brought some delicious snowman cupcakes to O's class party.

She also got to play Mary in their Christmas card:

She didn't seem to like being Mary even though she bragged about it for weeks!! And pay no attention to the fact that she's about to drop baby Jesus. :/

Xander got to be wiseman #2 and had a line in his play: "I bring frankincense."

He loved it and wanted to be wiseman #2 all throughout Christmas. Including going to our nativity set and saying, "Now which one am I again?"

As for the projects I worked on, here are some of them. I love making peg people! So for my mother in law, I made a nativity set:

I made a back drop too (not pictured). I think it turned out well.

For my sweet daughter, I made her some princesses and a couple of princes too. 

Prince Charming, Cinderella, Ariel, Prince Eric, Aurora, Jasmine, Anna and Elsa

And for a fun stocking stuffer for my husband, I made him some Harry Potter ones:

Hagrid, Luna, Neville, Harry, Hermione, and Ron

No holiday is complete without cookies. And since there was kind of a Star Wars obsession going on in our house this season, we had to throw in some Star Wars cookies in with the Christmas ones. 

And per tradition, we needed Christmas jammies! This year the theme was Super Heroes. Is anyone surprised? Really? :) 

My Wonder Woman and The Flash

And since I brought up the whole Star Wars thing, of course we were there opening night. And as a surprise to my husband, I dressed up. (Star Wars is really his thing. Not mine. But I wanted to go at least once. He's been three times. I thought he would get a kick out of me dressing up since it would be the last thing he would expect that I do.)

He was excited!! Can you tell?

Can you believe that Christmas Eve was so warm that this is what we did that day??

My husband got a Star Wars Lego Millennium Falcon. (He's been hunting one and I found it on eBay!) And notice our little photo bomber in the back?

Christmas Eve evening, my husband and I did our tradition, which was watch Love Actually and Four Christmases while we play Santa. This year O got a doll house and X got Disney Infinity the Star Wars starter pack. Once again, surprised about the Star Wars? 

And even though, we have this awesome house, I had to get her a little pink Batman to go with it. I Batman.

Christmas Eve: done playing Santa, finishing our second movie, tired, but excited for the morning! 


This photo pretty much sums up our kids and this awesome day!

We paused for a selfie!

After all was said and done we attended 7 Christmases! This was with my family, extended family, his family part 1, our little family at home, his extended family, his family part 2 and my dad. It was magical, exciting, fun, and we are so blessed! But this is how I felt when I did the math and realized within a week and a half, when all was said and done, we would have been to 7 get togethers!

This is my, " we go" face!

So Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is put away, a happy new year was celebrated and now we are back into the swing of things. The kids started school today, Philip's back out there working and I am back to my usual routine. Its nice to have a schedule and be back on it. Now to start planning a birthday party for an almost 5 year old!! I hope you all had great holidays and until next time...

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