Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I am aware of the fact that it has been awhile since I have written. At least longer than I wanted it to go. Its funny how my last blog entry talked about all the daily stresses in our life and yet here I am again with more. Its crazy, but it seems that life just keeps piling it on. My son finally got rid of his virus that was causing spots just to catch a cold this weekend.

A note on how he caught that...we went to the lake this weekend and stayed at my husbands parents lake house where we invited some friends. Some new and some old. We had a great time, but one of my husbands long time friends brought his wife and 2 kids, ages 4 and 1. I guess once they got out there they started sneezing and coughing and getting sick. I totally understand that parents can't control when their children get sick, but they can control how they let them interact with other kids. My kid was playing with them and I had him wash his hands alot but on Sunday, he was playing with the 4 year old while his mom was feeding the 1 year old and the kid started coughing in my kids face. I asked politely if he could cover his mouth when he coughed, but he continued to cough without doing so. Mom knew what was going on, because she was only a few feet away, but she didn't say anything. My son had a runny nose yesterday and woke up with a fever today. But seriously, if my kid were getting sick, I would tell the other mom, I would try to keep my kid from making contact with the other kids and I would disinfect everything because I would feel bad if my kid passed it along. But I digress...

Then our stupid lab got hurt again! She already had stitches for a gash she got outside that were removed a month ago. Then Sunday night, she was outside, playing fetch and came in with another gash. We have no idea how that happened! We were watching the whole time and yet again, she got another tear. We took her to the vet yesterday and she had to get stitches again. And this time the tear is on her hind leg, so the poor thing has to wear a cone. Its really sad but kind of funny to watch her try to maneuver around our house. She bumps everything and she was already a clumsy dog to start.

But, aside from all the hard things in life, we still get blessings and they are everywhere. I am now 25 weeks along in this pregnancy and loving every minute. She is so active and kicks all the time. My husband was able to take off today when he found out our son was sick and stayed home to be with him all day. What a sweet and doting husband! It also gave me time today to go and find things for our little girls room. I found a beautiful bird that has the perfect colors to match her room theme and I finialized the bedding today online and will be ordering it soon too. I also decided on doing chevron on one wall of yellow and blue, while the rest of the room will be yellow. I will have accents of pink throughout the room. After all she is a girl! I promise pictures once things start going up. And once we finalize our sons room, I will post pics as well.

I will say that even though we have things that happen to us that get in the way of a smooth life, I continue to see how blessed we really are. Our baby is healthy, our son is still in high spirits even though he is sick, I have a husband who wants to be involved at home and be here for me and we have a beautiful home that I am proud to say I decorated and custom designed! I do try to keep it clean on a daily basis but then there are sick days where I can't seem to get anything done because I have this cute kid hanging on me. There is nothing that can't wait when you have something that adorable that wants you. The way I look at it, is someday he will be in college and he won't want a hug when he is sick, so the laundry can wait, the beds can get made tomorrow, the vaccuuming can get done another day.

So to everyone reading this, I promise I will talk more about being a stay at home mom and tips and tricks I have discovered. For now though, I have a cone head dog that needs attention, a sick son who needs loving and a husband who needs some thanking since he did stay home to help today. Until next time...

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