Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Daily Stress

Its funny how life is full of daily stresses. It seems we have had our fair share of them the last few weeks too. My husband and I have managed to stay on top of it though and get through it together as a team. We like to refer to ourselves as "Team Ray". Team Ray has certainly been challeneged with our lab having to get stitches, our son got diagnosed with erythema multiform, our house got invaded by ants, our german shepherd had a hip issue and then we had a car not start yesterday morning. All in all, we have managed to deal with what's been given us and taken it all with a grain of salt. Sort of...everything except our kid getting this virus. Its really not that big of deal...let me explain...

He woke up one morning with a couple bumps on his knees. They looked like little bug bites or mosquito bites all clustered together. They didn't seem to bother him though. He didn't touch them or notice them. Then as the day wore on, I started noticing those bumps showing up on his ankles and arms, then wrists. So I called the Dr. They said it sounded like an allergic reaction and just to watch him, make sure his breathing was consistant and so forth. Then after lunch, I was on my way home and he started getting fussy in the back seat. It was nap time, so no big deal. Then he started crying more and I thought, he's just tired. But when I got home and went in the backseat to get him, his face had these bumps all over him. I freaked out, called the dr on my way to the dr and they said to stop and get some benadryl, which I did and as soon as he took it, he looked better and he passed out. On to the Dr I went and when I got there they said it sounded like erythema multiform and it was a virus that was not contageous but caused bumps on him. There is also no medication to treat it except the benadryl to make the bumps go away and tylenol if he got a fever as a result. They said it could last up to a week. We were at a week as of yesterday and he only gets a couple bumps here and there and they usually go away on there own. All is good now in the Ray household. So to all the mommy's out there whose kid has been or gets diagnosed with this virus, its worse than it sounds and it will go away...eventually.

Anyway, aside from these stresses alot of fun things are happening in this house too! We are getting ready to start working on the nursery once we get the odds and ends and the bed out! And I have a TON of ideas...all of course, thanks to Pinterest. I absolutely cannot wait to get started. Then we are moving our son to a big boy bed, hopefully this weekend, and then doing some new things in his room. I want to make it a little boys room instead of a baby's room. I am both sad and excited all at once. My little dude is growing up, and I am so proud of him, but I still love his baby room and am a little sad we are transitioning. So first things first, getting the rocking chair and table out of his room.  I think I am going to move two cute little rocking chairs in his room and put them next to some bookshelves which I am going to put on the wall so he can have a reading nook! Pictures will come soon. As for baby #2's room, I think the theme is going to be love birds. So I am going to make some felt birds to make a mobile and frame some birds in shadow boxes to match her color scheme! Lots and lots of pictures to come. Of course there will be some trial and error too I am sure, but I will learn how to sew those felt love birds if its the last thing I do...and it very well might be. I might be able to cook, decorate, organize and be efficient...but sewing is not something I am good at.

I will post pictures as I complete these tasks, but on my end note, I wanted to share a recipe that I discovered and I am so excited about. I cannot eat cream cheese because it makes my stomach hurt for whatever reason, but cheesecake is my absolute most favorite dessert. So I found a recipe that does not use cream cheese but greek yogurt. I modified it some and wish to share.

Greek yogurt Cheesecake

1 16 oz container of greek yogurt (I used organic)
1 package of jell-o cheesecake flavor
3/4 cup of milk
4 tablespoons melted butter
5-6 graham crackers

Crush the graham crackers in a zip lock bag, pour the melted butter in and mix well. Then press them into 12 cupcake liners or a pie dish. Set aside. Then mix the yogurt and cheesecake mix together until incorporated well, then add the milk. Pour into the cupcake liners or the pie dish and let it set up in the fridge for a couple of hours. I topped mine with strawberries, but you could use any fruit you wanted or eat it plain! It was delicious and so simple! I hope everyone who tries it enjoys it.

And on a side note to show how incredibly blessed our family is, the lab's stitches were removed and she is fine, the ants were taken care of and were only here for a few days and have been gone for over a week now, our son is just fine, our german shepherd went to the vet, got some medicine and pills and is walking a lot better now, and the car that wouldn't start just had a battery issue, nothing else. Thank you Lord for taking care of this family even if the stress seems to be too much at times. Until next time...

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