Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby and Toddler

Well, we successfully went to Chicago and got home safely. Our kiddo was amazing. He adapted so well and did so good. He stayed up late with us and was such a trooper. We had one melt down the entire trip and it was understandable. But overall, a great trip. Our favorite pic was this one.

We would go to this park on the river across from our hotel and he would just watch the boats go by! We had such a relaxing, fun trip.

And since we have been back, the nursery has had a total transformation. It looks amazing. We got the painter in and they did a great job. Then the bedding came in the next day. All thats left is something to hang over the dresser and getting the mattress in there. We need to get the twin mattress for our son to sleep on and then we can move his current bed into the nursery. Here is are some of the pictures. I absolutely love it! Which is good because the nesting bug has hit hard.

I got silk flowers and took off the stem and the center part and then used the hole they already had to fit over the screw and then screwed the knobs on. I think it adds a little girly touch to a dresser that she can use for a long time. Thank you Pinterest for the idea!

The drapes are on the back of the chair. We need to hang them. I love the crib wall. her colors are yellow, turquoise, pink, light green and touches of red. The fabric is below and will better show how all these colors tie in.

The theme is love birds and chevron.

The canvas I made for her.
Here is the fabric. Its got so many colors in it and I love that its not all pink.
I have never been big into pink. I do have a pink purse and pink tennis shoes, but it wasn't until I was in my 20's did I really start to embrace the color some. Either way, I have never been super girly, so I tried to have a room that you would know there was a girl that was going to be living there, but it wasn't full of what my husband calls: frosting. Frosting is ruffles, pink, pink, pink and flair. Anyway, thats the nursery that I am so proud of.
In other baby news, I met with our doula yesterday and everytime I talk to her I am amazed at how awesome she is. We worked on relaxation and within 5 min my mind was quiet and I was at peace. I had a massage 3 days ago for an hour and a half and I didn't stop thinking once. So her work is awesome. The goal is to practice these techniques. I hope to have an all natural childbirth although, we will be in a hospital and if it turns out I can't bear it, all medical options are available. I know this sounds crazy, but I am excited about having this baby. Not having a baby (which I am of course ecstatic about) but actually going through the process of having this baby. I can't wait to be in labor again and work with my body to have a smooth, drug free labor. I understand complications can arise, and I am on board with having drugs if needed, but hopefully everything will work out and I won't need them. My poor husband thinks I have jumped off the deep end. He believes in the ability for medicine to help someone and you should use it if it'll make you comfortable. I get that. I love him for wanting me comfortable, but he is also trying to support me doing this naturally too. I think he is of two minds and isn't sure where he falls yet. I love that he's my partner and will be going through this with me. He is always so good in intense situations. It seems as if he has everything together and appears calm. Especially with my first delivery, he was amazing, so no matter what I choose for this birth, I know he will do his best to comfort me, support me, and stay calm through it all. The main reason I want to do this naturally is so I can move around. I liked standing up last time. It helped so much. I didn't know that after you get an epidural, you are down for the count. So ladies remember that!
As for my toddler, he seems to be changing daily. His eating habits are getting so weird. He has become very picky and what he used to love, he now doesn't want. Feeding him has become somewhat of a challenge. I am still trying to get fruits and vegetables in his diet so I have had to get very creative. For one, I started making smoothies and then holding the cup and letting him play and then come get a drink every minute or so. He thinks its "mommy's drink", and he's getting a treat. What he doesn't know is that it is his drink and he is getting spinach and banana's which he won't touch whether its on his plate or anyone else's. I also have been sneaking pears and apples into his grilled cheeses. Hey, people pair fruit and cheese all the time right? Why not do it in a grilled cheese. He loves it and eats every bite. I also puree broccoli and peas and mix it with mayonnaise and use it as a spread. I do not add fruit if I use that. I also put spinach leaves on the grilled cheese too. It may not sound appetizing to you, but he sure loves it and I am getting my son nutrition even if he is eating the same thing every day.
On another note, he is getting to be so big. He still sleeps on his mattress on the floor without getting up. He goes to bed when we tell him, and when I say I am leaving and kiss him goodnight, he lays down and is quiet. He rarely cries anymore when I leave the room. Philip and I are very good about letting him know what we are doing and why and I think that helps. After we read him a book, we tell him he can read it on his own as long as he wants but it's time for mommy or daddy (whoever is in there) to leave. We also tell him we will be there for him if he needs anything that night. Sometimes he keeps reading and lays down later, sometimes he lays down right away. Either way he hardly ever cries when we get up to leave. In the mornings he stays right there on that bed until we get him. He usually wakes up between 7:15-7:45 and we don't get him until around 8. He never complains, and he doesn't get off the bed. He will grab a paci that rolled off or a book he wants, but he gets right back on and he stays. I can't believe that we have such an easy going kid who is becoming so independent.
My world is going to change when I have both a baby and my toddler, but I am so excited. I can't wait to have a baby that will sleep in my arms again. And then when she's asleep, I am going to love talking to my toddler who understands me and can commnunicate with me. I get the best of both worlds. I get that I will get the trying times as well, but thats what prayer, God, and patience is for. I will survive, and at night and on weekends, I have this awesome partner that will help. Lets just say that right now, life is good and I am so thankful. Until next time...

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  1. I love the nursery! I am right there with you on not loving pink and the tradtional, girly "frosting." I love that you did the walls in such non-traditional colors for a girl. If I ever have a girl, this is right up my alley!