Sunday, September 9, 2012

9 weeks to go...

Well, we will be at 31 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe this has flown by. It seems that with this baby, the time has gone by so fast because I have been so preoccupied with a little tot. With my first, I was counting down the days and couldn't wait. I analyzed every move, every milestone and it seemed that 9 months lasted over a year! But with #2, I have to think about what week we are at. I have to admit its been a lot easier though. Not worrying and being frantic about every little thing has been nice.

We got the twin mattress for our son and transitioned him onto a bigger bed last night. He did so well. I have to admit and brag a little, that he has taken all the changes like a champ. I have read that toddlers have a hard time with change. I have had some experience with this, but for the most part everything that we do, he has adapted to so well. I do my best to take changes with ease so that he will see that its no big deal. When things happen that we did not plan on, my husband and I try to take it in stride and act like its no big deal so our little guy doesn't worry too. Believe me, at times, that is hard for us. So when we gave him the big bed, we didn't even acknowledge it was a big deal. We just did the same routine and put him to bed like normal and he hasn't complained a bit. I could not be more proud of him.

My advice to moms with toddlers is this: go with the flow with a happy attitude even if it's hard. Our kids watch us and every time I am stressed or upset, my toddler can see that and he gets hard to deal with. This makes me more agitated and it leads to a cycle that neither him or I needed. Instead, I have tried to let my frustrations go, let our kid know why we are doing something different or what the plan is and do my best to distract him to make the situation easier. I will say this may not always work all the time, but I have had some great success most of the time.

Anyway, we have 9 weeks to go and if she comes like her brother, she will be here in 7 weeks instead. That makes me so happy. I can't wait to have another baby to hold and cuddle with. Her nursery is complete now that she has the mattress and our household is getting ready for her. I am getting the freezer crockpot meals list together, the freezer is getting cleaned out daily, Christmas presents are being made, and mentally I am getting prepared to have this baby naturally. I do believe she will be here a couple weeks early too because I am starting to get very uncomfortable. By the time I started feeling uncomfortable with our son, he was ready too because a week later, there he was. I understand that with your second, you feel things sooner and more intensely, so this feeling is going to last a little while. Truthfully though, I'm ok with it because it means we are just that much more closer to becoming a family of four!

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