Monday, February 15, 2016

A long time ago...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....X turned 5! How is it that I have a 5 year old now?! Where did the time go? My dude loves everything from Star Wars, to video games, super heroes to legos! He is all boy, loves soccer, chocolate cake, ham and cheese sandwiches and school! So to celebrate this awesome, funny, amazing guy, we had a Star Wars themed birthday party.

And what better way to start out this blog and every birthday, than with a fun cake! This one, I did this time instead of having my sister in law do it. I loved it! 

I have to give my husband props for this one. I made the cake, but he was in charge of the decorating. He found a pumpkin decorating kit online, and hence...Darth Cake was born.

Every Star Wars party needs some stormtroopers as well. Stormtrooper cupcakes at your service.

Look at these cute little guys! I love the marshmallow stormtrooper army. 

Black chips and salsa were a delicious salty treat to go with all the sweets. I also had pretzel sticks which I dipped in blue and green coating to make little pretzel light sabers. They were totally yummy and legit!

Light Saber bubbles....perfect for the coming spring!

A very happy daddy who loves Star Wars even more than his son.

 His sister had a blast at the park.

And so did this awesome birthday boy!!


Back to the food! Fruit sabers and strawberries with a delicious fruit dip.

And then we put it all together!

We were able to have the party at the park, but it was a tad windy. He had to blow out his candles on the ground, with the picnic table blocking some of the wind. We celebrated by doing a redo that night at home. :)

All in all, I think that this boy had a wonderful birthday! He played hard with his friends, ran all over the park and had some of his favorite: chocolate cake. I am so blessed to call this little guy mine!! Happy Birthday X! I hope you had a wonderful day. May the force be with you.

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