Thursday, February 11, 2016

San Antonio

Its always nice to get away from kids, chores and being responsible. Sometimes when my husband has conferences, I tag along for fun and to do, well...nothing. I love it. I sleep in, I nap, read, or go sight seeing. This time, it was San Antonio!

I've been there before, but it was years ago and I don't really remember much of it. So it was like it was my first time all over again! The best part about this whole trip, aside from spending some quality time with my husband was THE FOOD! I love to eat. I am a picky eater, but I LOVE eating what I like. :) I don't remember all the places we went, but I do have some awesome pictures from some of the places. Next time I travel, I'll keep a journal, take pictures of all the food, and share. For now, these following pictures were of the best food we had while there!!

First, we have to start with one of the best pictures...the Alamo. It was beautiful and full of history. And you know...Remember and all. :)

The wax museum was across the street and since my son is so into super heroes, I had to take this picture for him. Avengers! Assemble!

The couple selfie because I just love this guy so much. I know, this is kind of mushy, keep scrolling.

 This was a delicious restaurant called Michelino's. It was an Italian restaurant on the riverwalk and was very good. This was the meat and cheese platter. It was pretty tasty!

I also had the minestrone soup. It was some of the best soup I have EVER had. So good!!

Philip had the seafood salad which he said was awesome!!

This was the view from Michelino's. It was Friday night, so the riverwalk was full of people. But a beautiful view!

We had some yummy Bar-b-que at County Line. The bread here was so good that I took some back to the hotel and had it for breakfast!!! 

This was probably one of my favorite places. Boudro's. We actually had a simple soup and salad, but it was OMG delicious!!! There was herbed goat cheese on this salad and a great vinaigrette. And the tortilla soup I had was so good, I almost wanted to ask for another bowl!

And last but not least, my all time favorite was Acenar. We had lunch here and it was SO good! I wanted to keep going back, but we decided to try other things. Next time we go, this will definitely be one of my first stops. And no, there is no food in this picture, but it was taken in the restaurant. The food here was so awesome, that when I got the food, I just started eating. It wasn't until I was half way done I realized I didn't take a picture. Oh well, just another reason I need to make this place a priority next time. 

We had a wonderful, relaxing trip and I am glad I got to get away with my sweetheart. I can't wait for our next adventure. But, I was sure happy to get back to my circus!! Until next time. 

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