Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

Every year, we go to the same pumpkin patch and take pictures! I love looking back and seeing my children grow and enjoy the same place every year. This year, my kids were finally old enough to choose how to decorate their pumpkins, so we had a fun decorating party for just us as soon as we got home! But first, here are some of the photos from the pumpkin patch.

These people, the colors and Fall in general all make me smile!!

Then we got home with our favorite picks and decorated! Here are the awesome winners for this year!

O's Frozen pumpkin.

My pumpkin using her extra stickers.

Of course the boys had to have their Darth Vader pumpkin. An awesome fun kit, bought here.

An R for the Ray family.

I think our pumpkins look great this year! I love fall and cannot wait for the many more adventures that we will go on. Until next time...

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