Monday, November 7, 2016

A Harry Potter 4th birthday

This last week has been crazy! And all I wanted to do was get everything ready to celebrate my daughter turning 4! How did she get so big so fast? But instead, our oldest son got mono. Yes, I said mono. The kissing disease. Where does a 5 year old even get that? So after many visits to the dr, lots of medicine, several blood tests, we finally concluded that he had a very severe bacterial infection and mono. Saturday, was all about O though! And I celebrated with her all day. Her brother was able to come to the party, but he had to take it easy. This blog post is dedicated to a very special girl, who was patient and understanding with her mommy and daddy all last week taking care of her brother instead of celebrating her. Saturday was all about her and the very unique awesome party she wanted. I may not have been able to do everything I wanted to go ALL out, but I was able to hit some touches that made her smile and me happy to see that smile. Lets get started...

We had the party at a place called iCream. It was pretty awesome. A vase full of wands and some yummy food! And what better table runner than a marauder's map!

We had some purple candy coated pretzels.

I made #4's to go on her table of all 4 houses!

I used candy melts to make designs and then place them on some delicious cupcakes.

And a magical purple cake for my big sweet girl!

I wrapped some cake balls that I made in gold candy wrappers for snitches.

Gryffindor #4!

The back had Hufflepuff!

O got to make her own ice cream! 

And the mono kid was there and happy!

Happy Birthday!

I sure loved celebrating with this sweet kid! She makes us all smile. She is adventurous, rambunctious, beautiful, funny, kind and the sweetest little thing ever! I can't believe I have a 4 year old! I can't wait to see her continue to grow into a wonderful, amazing person! Until next time...

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